Winter Creativity Showcase: Monday, December 9, 6:00pm in Murray 302

Winter Creativity Showcase

Mason Bolton: collection
Alexa Wybranieac: collection

Michael Harrison: “Sobriquets and the Philistine”
Daniel Al-Daqa: “Dog Tags”
Lindsay DePaul: “What a Tragedy Memory Can Be”

Spencer Balzak: “I Hope They Serve beer in Hickman Hall”
Melanie Chen: “Salted Fish”

James Jackson “Home”


Flarf Poetry/Google-sculpting

Snap 2013-12-02 at 10.55.38


K. Silem Mohammad
from “Mars Needs Terrorists” (2003)


:.:.:.:.: alien parasites
:.:.:.:.: alien slave ship survivors,
:.:.:.:.: alien teenagers in 1950s Florida , sex
:.:.:.:.: terror and destruction, terror
:.:.:.:.: terror designed to part dumbass teenagers
:.:.:.:.: some now very wet
:.:.:.:.: romantic, the republican
:.:.:.:.: told me of their terror
:.:.:.:.: outfit for ?I?ma slave
:.:.:.:.: a fundraiser for republican
:.:.:.:.: and wet buns contest
:.:.:.:.: parents talking about sex
:.:.:.:.: of here 7.battle him republican 8
:.:.:.:.: 8.we are 138.9 teenagers

Sharon Mesmer
“Squid Versus Assclown” (2006)

Arthur Treacher grabs my assclown
Assclown grabs my squid
Squid signs me up for the NOW Action Alert list
NOW Action Alert list adds ice cream to my Jäger bomb
Jäger bomb waits patiently to turn into a little boy
Little boy shoots a rather alarming streak of squid in the nose of Jesus
Nose of Jesus thinks 9/11 was a comedy about Afghanistan
Afghanistan is evidence that Bush hates black people
Black people likely hold political views about huge bat wings
Huge bat wings can’t sit still in the chair, do any work, or even hold my pee
My pee will whoop you like it whoops everything else
Everything else has a nice “cottage cheese butt” equal to a good “assclown”
Assclown will “find God”
God will “find squid”
Squid versus Assclown
Don’t hold your breath

Nada Gordon
“Unicorn Believers Don’t Declare Fatwas” (2009)

Oddly enough, there is a
“Unicorn Pleasure Ring” in existence.
Research reveals that Hitler lifted
the infamous swastika from a unicorn
emerging from a colorful rainbow.

Nazi to unicorn: “You’re not coming
out with me dressed in that ridiculous
outfit.” You can finally tell your daughter
that unicorns are real. One ripped the head off
a waxwork of Adolf Hitler, police said.

April 22 is a nice day. I really like it.
I mean it’s not as fantastic as that Hitler
unicorn ass but it’s pretty special to me.
CREAMING bald eagle there is a tiny Abe
Lincoln boxing a tiny Hitler. MAGIC UNICORNS

“You’re really a unicorn?” “Yes. Now
kiss my feet.” Hitler as a great man.
Hitler . . . mm yeah, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler,
Hitler, Hitler, Hitler . . . German food is so bad,
even Hitler was a vegetarian, just like a unicorn.

I was sort of doodling Hitler at my friend’s
house and we couldn’t stop watching
unicorn hardcore soft porn abortion e-cards
containing scenes in which the baby angora unicorn
and Hitler stay warm on a cold night.

This blog is dedicated to the individual
mystery of Hitler’s moustache and my book of poems
to becoming a unicorn. That unicorn is worse than Hitler.
The unicorn has always been a mythological animal:
Flossy Unicorn Puppet Show Cats That Look Like Hitler Pez Dispensers

Unicorn believers don’t declare fatwas.
So worry about something more important
like getting hit in a collision between
a comet being ridden by Elvis, and Hitler
riding a Unicorn. It’s a psychedelic unicorn light show

and you know that’s groovy baby!


Chris Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel

“Thank You…” (2010)

Chris Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel

“Grammar Girl” (2010)