Winter Creativity Showcase: Monday, December 9, 6:00pm in Murray 302

Winter Creativity Showcase

Mason Bolton: collection
Alexa Wybranieac: collection

Michael Harrison: “Sobriquets and the Philistine”
Daniel Al-Daqa: “Dog Tags”
Lindsay DePaul: “What a Tragedy Memory Can Be”

Spencer Balzak: “I Hope They Serve beer in Hickman Hall”
Melanie Chen: “Salted Fish”

James Jackson “Home”


Flarf Poetry/Google-sculpting

Snap 2013-12-02 at 10.55.38


K. Silem Mohammad
from “Mars Needs Terrorists” (2003)


:.:.:.:.: alien parasites
:.:.:.:.: alien slave ship survivors,
:.:.:.:.: alien teenagers in 1950s Florida , sex
:.:.:.:.: terror and destruction, terror
:.:.:.:.: terror designed to part dumbass teenagers
:.:.:.:.: some now very wet
:.:.:.:.: romantic, the republican
:.:.:.:.: told me of their terror
:.:.:.:.: outfit for ?I?ma slave
:.:.:.:.: a fundraiser for republican
:.:.:.:.: and wet buns contest
:.:.:.:.: parents talking about sex
:.:.:.:.: of here 7.battle him republican 8
:.:.:.:.: 8.we are 138.9 teenagers

Sharon Mesmer
“Squid Versus Assclown” (2006)

Arthur Treacher grabs my assclown
Assclown grabs my squid
Squid signs me up for the NOW Action Alert list
NOW Action Alert list adds ice cream to my Jäger bomb
Jäger bomb waits patiently to turn into a little boy
Little boy shoots a rather alarming streak of squid in the nose of Jesus
Nose of Jesus thinks 9/11 was a comedy about Afghanistan
Afghanistan is evidence that Bush hates black people
Black people likely hold political views about huge bat wings
Huge bat wings can’t sit still in the chair, do any work, or even hold my pee
My pee will whoop you like it whoops everything else
Everything else has a nice “cottage cheese butt” equal to a good “assclown”
Assclown will “find God”
God will “find squid”
Squid versus Assclown
Don’t hold your breath

Nada Gordon
“Unicorn Believers Don’t Declare Fatwas” (2009)

Oddly enough, there is a
“Unicorn Pleasure Ring” in existence.
Research reveals that Hitler lifted
the infamous swastika from a unicorn
emerging from a colorful rainbow.

Nazi to unicorn: “You’re not coming
out with me dressed in that ridiculous
outfit.” You can finally tell your daughter
that unicorns are real. One ripped the head off
a waxwork of Adolf Hitler, police said.

April 22 is a nice day. I really like it.
I mean it’s not as fantastic as that Hitler
unicorn ass but it’s pretty special to me.
CREAMING bald eagle there is a tiny Abe
Lincoln boxing a tiny Hitler. MAGIC UNICORNS

“You’re really a unicorn?” “Yes. Now
kiss my feet.” Hitler as a great man.
Hitler . . . mm yeah, Hitler, Hitler, Hitler,
Hitler, Hitler, Hitler . . . German food is so bad,
even Hitler was a vegetarian, just like a unicorn.

I was sort of doodling Hitler at my friend’s
house and we couldn’t stop watching
unicorn hardcore soft porn abortion e-cards
containing scenes in which the baby angora unicorn
and Hitler stay warm on a cold night.

This blog is dedicated to the individual
mystery of Hitler’s moustache and my book of poems
to becoming a unicorn. That unicorn is worse than Hitler.
The unicorn has always been a mythological animal:
Flossy Unicorn Puppet Show Cats That Look Like Hitler Pez Dispensers

Unicorn believers don’t declare fatwas.
So worry about something more important
like getting hit in a collision between
a comet being ridden by Elvis, and Hitler
riding a Unicorn. It’s a psychedelic unicorn light show

and you know that’s groovy baby!


Chris Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel

“Thank You…” (2010)

Chris Funkhouser & Amy Hufnagel

“Grammar Girl” (2010)

Electronic Literature’s Cutting Edge: A Reading with Stephanie Strickland and Alexandra Chasin

Electronic Literature’s Cutting Edge:
A Reading with Stephanie Strickland and Alexandra Chasin

Mon Nov 25, 2013 4:30pm
Plangere Annex, MU 302

Stephanie Strickland has published 6 books of print poetry and collaborated on 7 electronic poems, most recently Sea and Spar Between, a poetry generator written with Nick Montfort. Her prize-winning volume from Penguin, V: WaveSon.nets / Losing L’una, will appear in a new edition with accompanying app for mobile devices from SpringGun in 2014. Two of her digital pieces appear online in The Electronic Literature Collection Volume 2 (2011). Her 7th book of poetry,Dragon Logic, was published by Ahsahta in September.

Alexandra Chasin is the author of an app/novella, Brief; Kissed By, a collection of short fictions; and Selling Out: The Gay and Lesbian Movement Goes to Market. Chasin was a 2012 New York Foundation for the Arts Fellow in Fiction, and currently holds a fellowship at the Leon Levy Center for Biography at CUNY. Director of Writing On It All – a participatory writing project on Governors Island in New York Harbor – Chasin is Associate Professor of Literary Studies at Eugene Lang College, The New School.

Creative Writing Certificate Program Info Sessions

This announcement comes via Susan Miller and Jess Arndt of The Writers House:

There will be two information sessions about the Creative Writing Certificate Program very soon (and a third coming down the pike, time and date TBA.)

Tuesday, Nov. 12 in room 038, from 2:50-4:10 (period 5)
and Monday, Nov. 18 in room 305, from 2:50-4:10.

The Certificate Program is a new program of study available to CW students. It involves a number of course requirements (15 credits total) and a portfolio of completed work from those courses, known as the Independent Project (1 credit.) Students who are already doing a concentration in CW or an Honors Thesis in CW can also do this option; they aren’t mutually exclusive.

Nov. 13 7:00pm, Rutgers Student Center – Writers at Rutgers Reading Series: Salman Rushdie


As a part of our distinguished visitor Salman Rushdie’s visit to Rutgers on Wednesday, Nov. 13. Rushdie will hold a question and answer session at 4:30 until 5:30 in room 411 A,B,C in the Rutgers Student Center on College Avenue. The q & a will be moderated by Dr. Abena Busia.

Space is limited so RSVP to Leandra Cain,, ASAP.

19th Annual NJ Book Arts Symposium, @ Alexander Library; Fri. Nov. 1


Homage to Jean Lurcat (detail of installation)
By Patricia Malarcher
Photo by D. James Dee

THE UNINVITED BOOK: The Nineteenth Annual New Jersey Book Arts Symposium
Friday, November 1, 2013
8:45 am — 5:00 pm
Archibald S. Alexander Library
New Brunswick, NJ

The Uninvited Book (NJBAS 2013), a symposium being chaired by renowned book artist & Leonia resident, Lois Morrison, will take a look at spontaneous acts of creativity: why do certain books–not all: not necessarily the books one does for juried shows, for commissions, or for teaching purposes, for technological experiments,for roundtable exchanges, or obligatory gifts, not books to combat boredom; but, certain books–whose causation might be termed undefinable, seem, like hurricanes, to come out of the blue? What are the underlying precipitating events? What roles can we ascribe to ideology, or culture, psychology, desire, love,friendship, serendipity,chance, existential angst? What role can we ascribe to the book, itself? Is there some way the unmade book radiates itself into the made world? Do books “spur us to the kiss” that bring them into being?The artists featured in the symposium, Amina Ahmed, Rosaire Appel, Andrea Dezs?, Elizabeth Jabar, Patricia Malarcher and Irmari Nacht will discuss ongoing or recent book artwork that will help to sharpen our understanding of the velleities and vagaries of the creative process.

For the first time in our nineteen-year history, the symposium will be held in the Alexander Library at 169 College Avenue, New Brunswick, and co-sponsored by The Middlesex Cultural and Heritage Commission as well as The Rutgers University Libraries. We are proud to partner with The Commission, which does so much to enrich the New Jersey cultural scene, on our first appearance in Middlesex County, and to be a part of the great tradition of cultural and historical programming at The Alexander Library.

As always there will be a book arts jam. Attendees are encouraged to bring examples of their own book art to sell, barter, display, discuss at an informal gathering at the close of the day.

The Uninvited Book will include a morning workshop given by Washington Cucurto and Maria Gomez, of Editorial Eloísa Cartonera, Buenos Aires, which will be introduced by Dr. Marcy Schwartz, of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Rutgers-New Brunswick. Attendees are invited to participate and make a book,Cartonera style, but please, if you elect to participate, bring with you a cardboard box or two (corrugated cardboard), and be sure to advise the organizers, in advance, if you intend to participate.

We are fortunate to have on hand Judith K. Brodsky, the esteemed founder of The Brodsky Center for Innovative Editions, who will sum up the proceedings, Anna Pinto, the NJBAS scribe, to create unique calligraphic name tags and Amanda Thackray, who will curate The Uninvited Book exhibit, which will run for two weeks. Exhibitors will include Amina Ahmed, Rosaire Appel, Andrea Dezs?, Karen Guancione, Elizabeth Jabar, Patricia Malarcher, MaryAnn L. Miller, Lois Morrison, Irmari Nacht, Anna Pinto, Sarah K. Stengle and Amanda Thackray.

Please see below for directions, by rail or car, to the Alexander Library.

To register for the conference, please send an email with your name, address, phone number, and whether or not you intend to …
1) participate in the morning workshop
2) bring a book or art-work for the Book Artists’ Jam
to Michael Joseph, at

Registration fee is $45, which includes a catered lunch.
Rate for Rutgers faculty and staff – $15
Students may attend the symposium for free but must register in advance, by calling Nancy Martin at 848-932-6156.