Tan Lin’s “The Patio and the Index”

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During next week’s class (on Sept 23) we’ll be talking about Tan Lin’s e-novella “The Patio and the Index.”  I want you to write a brief comment (approximately 150 words) to this post as a way of preparing for our class discussion; please do this by 5pm on Sept 22nd.  Here are some questions that you might want to answer in your comments: What is the relationship between image and text in this piece?  In what ways does Lin’s composition draw on both print and digital sources?  What do you make of this piece’s layout?  How does Lin present “Asianness,” “Chineseness,” and/or “Americanness”?  How does Lin treat memory?  How does the index work?  What is the tone of this piece of writing?  How would you categorize it in terms of literary genre?  How do you make sense of the title in relation to the subtitles? Feel free to pose your own questions in your comment–and you’re encouraged, of course, to respond to the comments of your peers.